Far from the market’s dull clichés, Executive Chef Elie Nehme has created a sophisticated yet casual bar food menu that perfectly suits the place’s ambiance and identity.

House made cucumber, zucchini and artichoke pickles, graciously maturing in rustic jars are featured on the menu on top of the unique salads and sandwiches that highlight the use of find-at-home ingredients enriched by experimental house dressings and spreads: salsa verde, chipotle mayo and maple-based dressings are Kissproof’s subtle nuance of novelty.

Brunch options are brought to the neighborhood along with the positive energy of weekend mornings, serving baked eggs, crispy bacon, Italian sausage and French toasts on the Saturday and Sunday menus.

The blackboard suggestion list features the ever-changing “daily specials”: an opportunity for the kitchen to explore new ideas and a chance for the regulars to encounter new flavors.